Most of the leather I use comes from a small tannery here in northern Germany. There, the cattle hides are vegetable tanned in the pit and prepared for further processing.

The fascinating thing about this material is its longevity. How it develops its own patina in daily use and thus becomes more beautiful every day. 

Leather and much more

I also like to combine leather with other materials. That's why I'm always on the lookout for something special. Be it an old grain sack, my favourite unzipped jeans or an old tent. There is always something to be found.

What else but leather?
  • the old grain sack
  • the favourite unzipped jeans
  • the old tent
  • and much more

And then there is the "waxed canvas" or oilskin. In recent years, this material has crept onto the market and conquered it. This material has a long and traditional history in England.

Developed by seafarers in the early days, a cotton fabric was treated with oils and grease to obtain water and wind-repellent properties. In the meantime, this fabric is available in many different versions, but always with the same properties.

This texture, its special look and also the durability of this material have also totally inspired me and I love to work with it.


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